Monday, 9 May 2011

Monday already???

Woah time is going so fast and i can't believe i've negleted this blog for so long :(

Not a lot has changed, except for our new addition :

His name is Frank, after my Grandad, who would have loved him :)

And he is beautiful, so friendly and outgoing, loves naps and playtime...wait this sounds like a personal add lol
no really he is lovely and keeping me very busy.

Today is handmade monday over at Wendys blog here now although there is nothing handmade on here today i wanted to share why i have nothing to show you...Frank :) please pop over to Wendy's sight and see who else has entered with hopefully something more handmade than my entry lol




  1. ooooh Frank is adorable!!!!!

  2. Frank is cute, and I've been told it's ok for Handmade Monday to consist of photos of your animals (l've done that before myself!) So, adorable Frank is your make this week, and a good one too. Cats are so photogenic. My dog Pauli approves (altho it's probably better that she only do so thru the computer screen, I'm not sure if she would behave herself!) :)

  3. Haha, Susie's right!

    Post cute kitten pics and you are excused immediately. Dogs, chickens and guinea pigs all work well too ;-)

    Thanks for taking part in HM anyway x

  4. Oh, how cute is he!??? I remember when our two cats were ickle kittens (not quite as small as Frank as they were rescues) but they grow up really quickly - take lots of photos now so you can look at them when he is a bigger cat and being a little horror!

    Ali x

  5. What a cute 'ickle face, I love his name.

    Jan x

  6. Welcome Frank! So cute ... look forward to more pics.

  7. Oh arent they adorable when they are that small. Bet he's a rascal too, thanks for sharing

  8. He is far too cute, my two cats are still bringing us lots of pleasure....and mice and rabbits...and.....
    Enjoy him. Caroline

  9. Frank is so sweet a bundle of fun, animals give us so much for such little return