Sunday, 9 October 2011

26 before 26

So turning 25 made me realise that this year hasn't really returned a lot, I just muddled through lol
By the time I'm 26 I'd like a feeling of achievement, like I'd actually done something with the passing year :)

1. Photos lot with fiancé
2. Learn to crochet
3. Complete a patchwork quilt
4. Have a mediterranean garden
5. Read a book a month
6. Knit an item of clothing
7. Grow my hair
8. Become a make up artist
9. Get drunk on NYE!
10. Fill the massive photo frame that has been empty for a year!
11. Make decent cookies
12. Stay brunette the whole year
13. Book wedding venue
14. Talk to bestie every day
15. Learn spanish
16. Take more photos
17. Wear every pair of shoes I own
18. Do at least 100 blog posts
19. Be out of overdraft
20. Go ice skating
21. Eat outside whenever possible
22. Learn how to use my dslr
23. Own a piece of MAC make up!
24. Get back under 8 stone
25. Get eyes tested!
26. Cook at least 3 times a week

There we go, not mucho exciting stuff, but it'll be an achievement if I do it all.

Bought something super exciting yesterday, which I'll post about another time, still need to take the picks of it!

Kim xxx

Friday, 7 October 2011


So I am back and addicted to blogging lol was going to try and break the back of my dads scarf but kitten will not allow knitting to be done without a fight, so am waiting for his nap!

In the meantime have been inspired my other bloggers to fill in an a-z list about me, why I have no idea, but it keeps me busy!

Age: 25
Bed size: double
Chore that you hate: washing up, hoovering
Dogs: 1, jack
Essential start to your day: silence!
Favorite color: hmmmm.....atnthe moment it's burnt orange
Gold or Silver: Silver
Height: 5’ 4
Instruments you play: teensy amount of piano and viola
Job title: apparently I run a business
Kids: None
Live: Buckinghamshire, England
Mother’s name: Yvonne
Nicknames: Kimmie, bobley, kimbobley, princess, oi you, baby

Overnight hospital stays: Virus at 10 weeks old, yup that's it!
Pet peeves: people saying pacifically instead of SPecifically!
Quote from a movie: Bubbles, bubbles
Right or left handed: Right
Siblings: none, unless you count mums cat!
Television: Glee, 16 and pregnant, any American reality show really
Underwear: Matching
Vegetable you hate: Carrots
What makes you run late: nothing
X-Rays you’ve had: Foot
Yummy food that you make: Lasagne
Zoo animal: Leopard, lion and penguins

Hmmm maybe lasagne

Loves xxxxxx

Thursday, 6 October 2011

I'm back!!!

Ok, so I have been missing for agessssssss!

I think I've kept myself too busy, I opened my own beauty room in a hair salon, which is ok, but not really bringing in the money so I may have to look for a proper job!

Also......we got ENGAGED!!!!
So so happy, and have used an spare time to plan plan plan!!

I now have redound my love of crafting so will start updating again, I have started making a scarf for my dad as a Xmas present.
We are hoping to have more of a homemade Xmas this year so I need to get on it!!

Kim xx