Thursday, 28 April 2011

Mmmm Pretty....

So have a shared how much i love my garden?

My Grandad was a gardening genius and i like to pretend that i have the genes, however its not a completely natural thing for me.
Although this spring has been amazing, all the hard work last autumn has paid of and i'm actually proud of my garden lol

Not normally a tulip person but i chose them to add height and colour, and i was amazed that i fell in love with them, i mean, look how gorgeous they are and the colours are divine.

Pretty in pink next to my daffs which are my favourite spring flower.

I've just been amazed by how beautiful this Spring has been, watch out Autumn because many more Springs like this and i may have to change my favourite season......

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Catching up...

So i suddenly realised i still have yet to blog about my holiday i had 4WEEKS AGO... :D
lol it seems like a distant dream now but the weather was glorious the food divine and spending 7 consecutive days with beau was pure bliss :)

We stayed in Puerto Banus but weirdly i only have pics from our day trip to Gibralter lol

This is the view from the top of the Rock of Gibralter, very pretty :)

Me trying to look cool, not realising my hair is awful and i have a flag behind me lol

Davey and Ape who wanted to come home with us...

Me also pointing at same Ape...

And same Ape who decided after all the pointing he wanted nothing to do with us... :(

I promise you i didn't spend all my time mixing with Apes :) did a lot of shopping and sunbathing too...Bliss.

Kimberley xx

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Handmade monday..

Hey all,

Have been missing the last 2 weeks due to holidays and just general lazyness... :) This week i am back to my old self and enjoying getting my hands dirty, if you want to visit other blogs also taking part in Handmade Monday just go to 1stuniquegifts and browse away....

This week my handmade monday is an Easter Basket we created for my mum,

I decorated the basket and filled in with lots of choccies :) i also made some homemade bath salts and put them in a nice jar and just in front of the big egg is a smaller pale yellow egg, which is actually a handmade bath bomb :)

Super proud that i managed to put some homemade lovelies in there that she'll enjoy using :)

Right back out to clean up garden and run bath for very muddy boyfriend lol

Kimberley x

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Lost my job...:(


Today, I lost my job.

Don't want to go into details but let's just say it has a lot to do with my depression and whether I am therefor capable of my job, apparently they disagreed with myself and my Dr when we said I would be...

So a big weekend of job hunting...yay!! (NOT!!)

Trying to look at positives, don't have to get stressed over going to a place I don't like, and more time to craft, garden etc and not even thinking about lack of money, thinking about it won't help, I just have to power on and find one I do enjoy and pay my bills!!

Kim xx

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

My Amazeballs Boyfriend :)

Today i have been thinking alot about what i take for granted, last post reminded me how much i love my mum, now its time to spread the love of my wonderful boyfriend Dave.

I am spoilt rotten by this man, he's the first man i've felt safe and secure with, and he has my heart and soul for the rest of our lives.

I wanted to showcase some little pieces he's treated me to over the past few years, hopefully so i can look back in down days and remind myself how truly lucky i am :)

How beautiful is this?? I think this may be the only piece of jewellary he's picked that i haven't pointed out, and boy did he do good, he knows i love most things that come in little blue boxes ;) but he certainly surprised me with this beautiful bracelet.

He bought me this cute cushion on our last holiday, we had a night flight and i was desperate to sleep on the way home, a bit of eyelash batting and i have this pretty disney cushion that is so so so comfortable and no memory of that flight as i was out cold lol

We saw these on a shopping channel in gold and silver, i commented that i liked the gold but would love them if they came in pink....found these in my christmas stocking, PINK with swarovski crystals, love him :)

This perfume is one of my favourites 'Versace Bright Crystal', and before we were even dating he searched through my handbag to make sure he got the right one, what can i say he's great at wooing me :)

This is my favourite headband EVER..leopard print is my guilty pleasure and he treated me to this when we were in Gibralter...Oh and the camera..also a gift from my lovely, and i promise i will learn to use it properly one day ;)

A trip to the west midlands safari park were i fell in love with the new leopards they had, such beautiful animals, and my Davey spent ages finding me this, the only leopard in the gift shop.

This is my favourite winter scent, and although i don't ever remember mentioning to him it ended up in my christmas stocking...:D

My newest piece, a gorgeous swarovski mushroom charm (the pic does not do justice to just how many crystals are on this thing, and a bracelet to wear it with, i adore it and couldn't stop smiling. Its such a happy piece that i fall in love with every time i wear it.

And last but certainly not least, this, 'omgod i have to have this bag' bag, which he treated me to in Marbella, i adore Mango bags and this one is definately top of the list :)

So as you can see, i am treated like a princess.
I did this post to say how thankful i am to have him in my life, not because of the materialistic things, but because he knows me, i have no fear about us, we know each other inside out, i adore everything about him (ok the snoring and constant Call of Duty may not be counted in that) but he's my world.

So here's to Dave, and all the great boyfriends/husbands/Fiance's/girlfriends/lovers out there, our heart, soul and inspiration.

My Love.

K x

Sunday, 17 April 2011

What are mothers for...

Woohoo found it :) Found what i hear you ask? My Mojo, My inspiration, my creativity...IT'S BACK :D

Woke up to the glorious sun (and noise from the Chinese Grande Prix, but hey thats because i live with a boy) And took my beautiful JackyBoy to the woods with my mum and aformentioned boy. It was sooooo lovely, everyone was in a good mood, Jack didn't get attacked or growled at this time and it was nice spending time with my mum.

When i dropped her off she gave me all her knitting supplies as she hasn't found a pattern to inspire her lately so she's gone back to cross stitch.
OMG sooo much stuff, needles that i nearly bought several times and so much of this gorgeous deep red yarn that would look fantastis as a small throw in our lounge. I'm looking through this big bag of goodies and all these ideas are flowing, Yay :)

So at the moment i am attempting something with some amazing yarn i bought a few weeks ago for no other reason other than i LOVED the colour, super super excited to get started :)

Hope everyone is have a super weekend like me :D

Kimberley xx

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Twitter :)

Hey just wanted to say that i am now on twitter, you can follow me with username handmadewl
Would put a little buton thing on the side of my blog but blogspot keep saying that that doesn't work at the moment :(

I'm not above begging for friends PLEASE PLEASE FOLLOW ME :)

Kimberley xx

Searching for inspiration..

Hey everyone,

As you know its been a hard couple of days, but we've looked into everything and with A LOT of juggling everything should work out, it'll just mean major sacrifices to recover for a while.

So with that taken care of as much as it can be i decided to focus on crafting again, however my imagination has dissappeared and i have lost all my ideas :(

I've been trawling the internet for pretty things hoping to kick start my crafty side and found what i think are the coolest things since, well..EVER...

 You can get them here: Liberty Well i say that however they are all sold out, which for me is good because of lack of pennies :)
How pretty are they?? I showed them to my boyfriend and out off all the designs he said he knew these would be the ones i chose, ahhh he does listen to me when i drone on about pretty fabrics and designs :)

Well i'm going to go back and search for more pretty things and then hopefully i can make something of my own to make me smile :D Ooh and eat the  delish cupcakes my lovely boyfriend just made..Yummy :)

Btw i just want to thank everyone over the past few days who have given suport and advise, it was so lovely to know how many people were out there. THANK YOU :D

Kimberley xx

Friday, 15 April 2011

As the thunder rolls in...

Ever get a feeling the world is not your friend?

Made it out of the house yesterday, went to the library for knitting books (need inspiration lately) and looked at the local selection of yarn (not a lot)
Felt positive, thought ok I'll go into work tomorrow, if I don't last all day well at least I got in.
Came home and there's a letter from work, written down is what I've said on my phonecalls in this week, well some of them are wrong, I never said antibiotics I said I'd doubled my dose of antidepressants!! Also that they hadn't received a medical certificate for this week, well I'd already put it in the post so they should get it.
Woke up this morning, hardly excited but willing, only to check and find out I hadn't been paid, nothing, nada, not a penny!
My amazing ability to see the worst in everything means I was floored, how are we going to pay the mortgage? My insurance goes out tomorrow I can't not pay that! My credit card and phonebill etc my boyfriend earns more than me but definately not enough to support us both!!
I have left a msg (albeit a shaky one) for my H.R advisor asking what's happened, can someone please explain this etc also pointed out that there are certain things in the letter that are false.

I am now of course freaking out, I just don't know what to do.....

Kimberley xx
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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Never thought this would be me.

Hey, first off I wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone that commented, you don't realise what that meant to me :)
My boyfriend is being supportive, I realised that my previous post maybe didn't explain that very well! He explained he's just trying different tactics to try and help, that was tough love apparently!
He doesn't realise no matter how many times I tell him, that, he can't fix me, only I can do that, and there are going to be times when I'm not strong enough.
I phoned in work today, tried to explain everything I'm going through, and the stress of worrying about work and pay, but I need to rest or I'll come in and won't be able to cope. My H.Rs answering machine was very supportive!
Today could very well be a day in bed, I spent the entire day mass cleaning yesterday just to stop my mind thinking!
My dose of anti-depressants has been doubled so hopefully I may be a bit more with it soon.

I just never thought this would be me you know? I was strong when I was younger and so happy and now I'm this person who can't even cope with getting dressed for work.
There is such horrible judgement on depression, a third think your faking another third of people think your crazy and everyone else is depressed like you.
Just admitting that I'm on medication for it is tough, people get embarrassed for you!!

Anyway I'll stop filling my blog up with long rambles.
Hopefully some arty crafty inspiration will hit and I'll be kept busy by that!

Kim xxxx
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Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I'm in such a down mood today, i don't think i've mentioned before but i suffer from depression and anxiety,i was off work for a few months with it last year. This year i was determined to not let it hold me back, i got back to work, started excercising and picked up my crafting again, and it worked, for a while.
It's back though (i hate saying that because it never really went) but it feels like i'm back in that place, i can't sleep, i'm barely eating, i'm always exhausted (obviously) and i can't bring myself to face work.
I text my boyfriend to say sorry for being like this and i've let us down, he text back saying, that he knows i'll get through it and will be with me forever and support me but he can't commit to me until i commit to work, i literally feel like my heart is breaking, we've talked about getting engaged, he's even bought the ring and now to find out i've messed it all up...i'm just gutted.
I know i should be focusing on myself and not some ring and day but i felt like the only good thing i had was our relationship, and the only thing i've been good at for a while was being his girlfriend.
To find that i've messed that up too, kills me.
I love him so much, and hate myself for putting him under this stress.

I just don't know what to do anymore, where to turn or to who. I literally feel lost in my own life.

I'm sorry to ramble and moan and complain but i literally don't have anything else that can get my feelings out like this.

Struggling Kimberley


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Handmade monday/tuesday....

Hey everyone, back from spain, bit of a whirlwind the past few days but i'll blog in more detail about that later.

Just wanted to get my handmade monday out there, even though its tuesday lol

Sorry about the quality of pic, took it in a rush to upload lol

Yay its my headband, and its finally finished, *sigh* bought some more wol at the weekend so will be doing some more in different styles.

Please visit Wendys blog on Handmade monday and see what other crafters have been up to :)

Will update on what i've been up to this past week later on, but right now i'm going to catch up with Lily Allen Riches to Rags lol

Kimberley xx

Monday, 4 April 2011

Testing, testing...

Just trying out to see if I can use mail-to-blogger that way I can blog away from home!

Kimberley xxx
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