Saturday, 26 March 2011

Viva Espania!!

Hey lovelies,

Sorry for the delay in posting, been mucho stress around here!

Just thought I'd check in because in about 7 hours time I will waving goodbye to England for a week!! (thank god, I really need this holiday!!)

So everyone have a great week and I will hopefully check in with you all next Sunday :)

Mucho love, Kimberley xx

Monday, 21 March 2011

Halfmade monday :)

Morning people,

As you can tell from the title my handmade monday is incomplete :( However considering i had to unpick it so many times, i'm just glad i've got into the flow of it finally..
It should eventually be a headband, just have to keep going until it fits round my big head :)

Workspace today is very untidy:

Had a big glitter mishap that has gone everwhere, i am putting off cleaning it up sooooo bad :)

Later on i may make some scones, pic willl be uploaded if they don't turn out looking like muffins again....oops.

As every monday i want to thank Wendy for running handmade monday always a pleasure to take part, and please click on the link to visit other crafters who take part :)

K x

Friday, 18 March 2011

WooHoo :)

Finally finished the boyfriends card, changed it sooooo many times but i actually really like it and i know he will do to, although my mothers day card is my favourite card i have done :) (gosh blowing my own trumpet a bit today aren't i?)
To bring me back down..i failed miserably at my knitted headband last night :( However... I am not a quitter so i will be attempting it until its right :)

Below are the pics of the cards :)

Woo big weight off my shoulders with these down, boyfriends birthday is next saturday and then we fly back from our holiday on mothers day so there is only a week left to complete, but its done know so can breathe :) next birthday is my dad's which is 8th April so i should start that before i go away, or at least start thinking of ideas for it.....

Kimberley x

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Moving along, dare I say slowly!!

Hello lovlies,

So mothers day card is done, will get a pic up by the weekend hopefully, but boyfriends card didn't turn out as nice as I wanted so may have to go back to the drawing board on that one, with only a week to go until the big day eek best get thinking cap on!
Tonight I'm starting a cable knit headband, first time cable knotting so I will be going slow and steady lol

Hope all is good for everyone else :)

Kimberley x

Monday, 14 March 2011

Handmade Monday :)

Hey all, yep yet again its Handmade Monday,in case you don't know this is a concept of Wendy's over at 1st unique gifts where blogs across the land upload makes that they have done this week. Hit the link to go and be nosey around others worlds :)

Finally i have some finished easter cards, only 2 but its a start and one is cross stitch so that took a bit longer to complete:

As always please leave comments, i like to know what others think of my designs :)

Today as i am off sick due to this blimming stomach issue i may get a start on the boyfriends birthday card, or my Mothers day one.....bum..into...gear..time :)

Hope you've all had a fab weekend, i'm off to be nosey around other peoples handmade monday posts :)

K x

Saturday, 12 March 2011

My thoughts...

Been a few days since i was on here, been feeling a bit sick so I haven't accomplished anything crafty, hopefully that will change tonight as I start on my easter cards. Also trying to figure out how i want my mothers day card to look, have a few ideas, just need to get my bum into gear and do them :)

Also most of yesterday was spent staring and complete devastation on the news, poor poor Japan :( I have never been there but its somewhere i have always wanted to go, I love the culture so much, my house has so many Japanese touches to it (and i love the food) that my heart was just breaking watching everything unfold.
I was getting updates from my twitter friend in Japan who was surprisingly calm considering every fifteen minutes she was reporting another aftershock, luckily she was in Tokyo where it appears that they were relatively lucky, unlike those poor souls in the north of Japan, watching thoses cars and houses drifting away all i could think was how many people were caught up that we just could not see? Then it came out that the coast guard found 300 bodies along the coast, just heartbreaking.
The spirit of the country moves me, the prime minister being very calm but definately presenting compassion for his people.
All in all i think that country is very lucky to have its people their spirit will keep it as Japan.

Today we have moved our upstairs around, my beauty room (i used to be a beauty therapist) has become a lovely quaint guest room, just what i've always wanted.
And my closet room now houses my beauty stuff i still usethe wardrobes and dressing table that was already there....and all my craft space :D
I'ts so nice to have a dedicated room now, i just want to do so much!

So i'm going to love you and leave you, hope your all having a fab weekend, i'm going to pick up boyfriends birthday present ssshhhhh!!!
K x

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

My gorgeous baby :)


Been feeling a bit sick the past few days, and it turns out that i have damaged my stomach lining somehow (ewww) now on tablets for a month to control acid production so it can try and heal itself, meanwhile i have to limit fruit, spicy food, alcohol (aghhh) and dairy :( tbh im just glad i have an answer, was starting to think i was imagining it!

Thought i'd upload pics of my gorgeous Westie Jack on his weekend walk, he cheers me up when i'm down with his big smile :)

Isn't he lovely?? :)

After seeing these pics my mum has offered to knit jack some jumpers (remember she doesn't know i've learnt to knit!) does anyone have any ideas on where i could find some patterns, kind of wanting an easter one hehe he made a cute santa so why not a chick :) (by the way this is not animal cruelty, we have to hide his coat otherwise he drags it to me to put it on him!) but failing that just ordinary dog jumpers would be cool, i'm sure i can customise them!
Off to my first W.I meeting tonight, eek, bit worried that i'll be judged as quite possibly the youngest one there, but one of my new year resolutions was to stop my fear of new things holding me back, so here i Anyone else a member, would love to hear what you've got up to??

Anywho i'm rambling now so i'l go, would love to hear your thoughts!
K x

Monday, 7 March 2011

As promised.....Ooh and its handmade monday :)

Hey all,

So here it is my very first knitting project and my mum's mothers day prezzie :)

Not too bad i think, in fact i'm incredibly proud, just hope my mummy is too :)

Don't forget to check out Homemade Monday with Wendy, i was premature and put the link up on saturdays post, but go on and have a look at other's wonderful crafts.

K x

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Please be gentle with me....


Been a goood day today, took my gorgeous little westie to the woods with his brand new jacket, he looked sooooo adorable :)

Also thought i'd post the pic of my first card, please be gentle i know its nowhere near good :(

I have so many ideas on what to do next, the next one i'l do its a mothers day card, some of my easter ones should be completed within a fortnight but they are cross stitch ones.

Don't forget its handmade monday tomorrow where my scarf should be uploaded :)
If you wanna join  in the link is on yesterdays blog, head over to Wendy's site, she has some amazing things on there :)

K x

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Sneaky sneaky ;)

Ok so i was going to post pictures of my scarf that i have started buuuuut i just found handmade monday on this blog: handmade-monday
Sooo in the teasing fashion that is genrally me, i have decide to hold back on the unveiling until monday :D

Speak to you soon :)


Friday, 4 March 2011

Started....on something else!!

Ok so I may have got a bit sidetracked, my lovely boyfriend took me to Argos ( I know romance is dead!) and while he was buying some car thingy I ended up purchasing a card making starter kit!

It is pretty basic but the price was good and the papers are very pretty :)

So tonight I made my first greetings card! It's not great and I doubt anyone will receive it but it felt good being creative again and it's made me wanna get better!

Tomorrow we are off to hobbycraft to buy the can can yarn for the scarf so I can start that, who knows my mum might be getting a personalised card as well!!

Will try putting up pics but it won't let me from my iPod so I'll have to transfer to laptop.

Kimberley x

Right so my first project is.....

A scarf!!

I know sounds pretty basic, but I'm going to knit it with a can can yarn so it turns out frilly.
Hopefully it'll be ready for mothers day, my mum always tried to teach me knitting and u never got it, so I know she'll appreciate it :)

K x