Wednesday, 9 March 2011

My gorgeous baby :)


Been feeling a bit sick the past few days, and it turns out that i have damaged my stomach lining somehow (ewww) now on tablets for a month to control acid production so it can try and heal itself, meanwhile i have to limit fruit, spicy food, alcohol (aghhh) and dairy :( tbh im just glad i have an answer, was starting to think i was imagining it!

Thought i'd upload pics of my gorgeous Westie Jack on his weekend walk, he cheers me up when i'm down with his big smile :)

Isn't he lovely?? :)

After seeing these pics my mum has offered to knit jack some jumpers (remember she doesn't know i've learnt to knit!) does anyone have any ideas on where i could find some patterns, kind of wanting an easter one hehe he made a cute santa so why not a chick :) (by the way this is not animal cruelty, we have to hide his coat otherwise he drags it to me to put it on him!) but failing that just ordinary dog jumpers would be cool, i'm sure i can customise them!
Off to my first W.I meeting tonight, eek, bit worried that i'll be judged as quite possibly the youngest one there, but one of my new year resolutions was to stop my fear of new things holding me back, so here i Anyone else a member, would love to hear what you've got up to??

Anywho i'm rambling now so i'l go, would love to hear your thoughts!
K x


  1. Aww cute! My mums dog hates to be dressed up, but it has to happen at Christmas. At least until he managed to tear it off and eat it ;)

    Good luck with your meeting. Sure you will be fine, and it will be fun. Let us know how you got on.

  2. Aww bless him. My cat likes to put his head through carrier bags and run around like he has a cape on! Your dog has the right idea - actual clothes are way better. Good luck at your meeting and hope you feel better soon.

    Anna xx

  3. Oh Jack does look so cute I bet his street cred it quite high. My gran used to dress her dog (who was a cross between a labrador and alsation) up in a united football kit when they used to parade through our town when they had won the football cup. Quite a sight I assure you lol!! Keep up the blogging and trying new things. The scarf is lovely great colour. I must try that yarn out. Craftchick.

  4. Aaaw he's lovely that coat is amazing! You should definately get more clothes for him, if he likes them, why not!?! He'd be upset to not have many to choose from! I make doggy collars & bandanas if you ever fancy anything new :). Keep up the blogging, I'm a bit slow at it but trying my hardest with handmade Monday to keep up! xx

  5. Hello,
    Just found you on Homemade Monday which I got to from another blog! Your Westie is so cute. Have you tried Etsy to see it anyone is producing jackets for dogs or how about You Tube. I'm sure someone must be out there that has latched onto making custom desinged jackets/coats for dogs either fabric or knitted. Otherwise just put in knitted dog jackets into google and see what comes up. I have just made a scarf too from the Can Can wool for my daugthers birthday on Tuesday. She has tried to walk off with my one on several occasions!! Hugs fom Mrs A.

  6. Jack is so cute, I do so miss a dog, love his coat very swish