Saturday, 12 March 2011

My thoughts...

Been a few days since i was on here, been feeling a bit sick so I haven't accomplished anything crafty, hopefully that will change tonight as I start on my easter cards. Also trying to figure out how i want my mothers day card to look, have a few ideas, just need to get my bum into gear and do them :)

Also most of yesterday was spent staring and complete devastation on the news, poor poor Japan :( I have never been there but its somewhere i have always wanted to go, I love the culture so much, my house has so many Japanese touches to it (and i love the food) that my heart was just breaking watching everything unfold.
I was getting updates from my twitter friend in Japan who was surprisingly calm considering every fifteen minutes she was reporting another aftershock, luckily she was in Tokyo where it appears that they were relatively lucky, unlike those poor souls in the north of Japan, watching thoses cars and houses drifting away all i could think was how many people were caught up that we just could not see? Then it came out that the coast guard found 300 bodies along the coast, just heartbreaking.
The spirit of the country moves me, the prime minister being very calm but definately presenting compassion for his people.
All in all i think that country is very lucky to have its people their spirit will keep it as Japan.

Today we have moved our upstairs around, my beauty room (i used to be a beauty therapist) has become a lovely quaint guest room, just what i've always wanted.
And my closet room now houses my beauty stuff i still usethe wardrobes and dressing table that was already there....and all my craft space :D
I'ts so nice to have a dedicated room now, i just want to do so much!

So i'm going to love you and leave you, hope your all having a fab weekend, i'm going to pick up boyfriends birthday present ssshhhhh!!!
K x

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