Friday, 18 March 2011

WooHoo :)

Finally finished the boyfriends card, changed it sooooo many times but i actually really like it and i know he will do to, although my mothers day card is my favourite card i have done :) (gosh blowing my own trumpet a bit today aren't i?)
To bring me back down..i failed miserably at my knitted headband last night :( However... I am not a quitter so i will be attempting it until its right :)

Below are the pics of the cards :)

Woo big weight off my shoulders with these down, boyfriends birthday is next saturday and then we fly back from our holiday on mothers day so there is only a week left to complete, but its done know so can breathe :) next birthday is my dad's which is 8th April so i should start that before i go away, or at least start thinking of ideas for it.....

Kimberley x


  1. These ards look really great - you're right to be proud! As you say don't quit on the knitted headband - make it your quest to finish it and don't forget to post a pic of it on your blog!! Will have to come back and see when it's done! Have a good weekend !!
    Rebecca xx

  2. These are lovely - well done you! I love the butterfly graphics on your mum's card. Anna x

  3. The cards look great, especially the mum one. i love the colours and the butterflies. Well done you for getting them finished