Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Catching up...

So i suddenly realised i still have yet to blog about my holiday i had 4WEEKS AGO... :D
lol it seems like a distant dream now but the weather was glorious the food divine and spending 7 consecutive days with beau was pure bliss :)

We stayed in Puerto Banus but weirdly i only have pics from our day trip to Gibralter lol

This is the view from the top of the Rock of Gibralter, very pretty :)

Me trying to look cool, not realising my hair is awful and i have a flag behind me lol

Davey and Ape who wanted to come home with us...

Me also pointing at same Ape...

And same Ape who decided after all the pointing he wanted nothing to do with us... :(

I promise you i didn't spend all my time mixing with Apes :) did a lot of shopping and sunbathing too...Bliss.

Kimberley xx

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  1. haha, i have funny memories of those apes lol. When i was there, the females were is season!, i will say no more....very embarrassing!! Also one of them swung down from a tree and stole my ice-cream! all i could see was my ice-cream disappearing in to the distance ha!
    I also have many happy memories of Marbella/Puerto Banus. I hope to go back one day!