Sunday, 24 April 2011

Handmade monday..

Hey all,

Have been missing the last 2 weeks due to holidays and just general lazyness... :) This week i am back to my old self and enjoying getting my hands dirty, if you want to visit other blogs also taking part in Handmade Monday just go to 1stuniquegifts and browse away....

This week my handmade monday is an Easter Basket we created for my mum,

I decorated the basket and filled in with lots of choccies :) i also made some homemade bath salts and put them in a nice jar and just in front of the big egg is a smaller pale yellow egg, which is actually a handmade bath bomb :)

Super proud that i managed to put some homemade lovelies in there that she'll enjoy using :)

Right back out to clean up garden and run bath for very muddy boyfriend lol

Kimberley x


  1. It looks exciting - bet she loved it!

    Nice to have you back with us at HM x

  2. Sorry to hear you lost your job Kim, am really hoping something comes up for you a fellow sufferer I know the difficulties people have in understanding it fully.
    Your Easter basket look fab...well done you!!x

  3. I bet your mum was over the moon getting that basket it looks great filled with all those goodies.


  4. Great basket of goodies. I'm sure your mum was thrilled to recieve such a lovely gift. Hugs Sue x

  5. A lovely gift for your Mum and I am sure she loved it, handmade with love.

  6. Wow! I bet your mum was thrilled with your basket. And as someone who officially becomes redundant on 29 April, you have my very best wishes... but we both know that we will get bigger and better jobs... good luck with the job hunting.

  7. How sweet, to make your Mom an Easter basket! And with hand made stuff, even better! Glad you're with us this week. :)

  8. What a luck lady - bet she loved it! Glad you've had a good week. Anna x

  9. So sorry to hear about your job, stay positive.
    And how lucky is your mum? What a lovely idea and treat for her.

  10. How thoughtful to your mum you are, I didn't even remember to get my children anything - thankfully everyone else did!