Friday, 15 April 2011

As the thunder rolls in...

Ever get a feeling the world is not your friend?

Made it out of the house yesterday, went to the library for knitting books (need inspiration lately) and looked at the local selection of yarn (not a lot)
Felt positive, thought ok I'll go into work tomorrow, if I don't last all day well at least I got in.
Came home and there's a letter from work, written down is what I've said on my phonecalls in this week, well some of them are wrong, I never said antibiotics I said I'd doubled my dose of antidepressants!! Also that they hadn't received a medical certificate for this week, well I'd already put it in the post so they should get it.
Woke up this morning, hardly excited but willing, only to check and find out I hadn't been paid, nothing, nada, not a penny!
My amazing ability to see the worst in everything means I was floored, how are we going to pay the mortgage? My insurance goes out tomorrow I can't not pay that! My credit card and phonebill etc my boyfriend earns more than me but definately not enough to support us both!!
I have left a msg (albeit a shaky one) for my H.R advisor asking what's happened, can someone please explain this etc also pointed out that there are certain things in the letter that are false.

I am now of course freaking out, I just don't know what to do.....

Kimberley xx
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  1. Oh hon, it never rains but it pours!

    I am sure this is a simple misunderstanding or error and once the medical certificate arrives it should all be sorted out.

    Can your boyfriend lend you enough to cover the immediate bills coming out tomorrow just to take the immediate pressure off?

    Sit hard on your employer - they cannot simply withold your salary from you without any warning!

    Good luck - the rain clouds will clear soon and let the sunshine and happy stuff through!!

    Ali x