Wednesday, 20 April 2011

My Amazeballs Boyfriend :)

Today i have been thinking alot about what i take for granted, last post reminded me how much i love my mum, now its time to spread the love of my wonderful boyfriend Dave.

I am spoilt rotten by this man, he's the first man i've felt safe and secure with, and he has my heart and soul for the rest of our lives.

I wanted to showcase some little pieces he's treated me to over the past few years, hopefully so i can look back in down days and remind myself how truly lucky i am :)

How beautiful is this?? I think this may be the only piece of jewellary he's picked that i haven't pointed out, and boy did he do good, he knows i love most things that come in little blue boxes ;) but he certainly surprised me with this beautiful bracelet.

He bought me this cute cushion on our last holiday, we had a night flight and i was desperate to sleep on the way home, a bit of eyelash batting and i have this pretty disney cushion that is so so so comfortable and no memory of that flight as i was out cold lol

We saw these on a shopping channel in gold and silver, i commented that i liked the gold but would love them if they came in pink....found these in my christmas stocking, PINK with swarovski crystals, love him :)

This perfume is one of my favourites 'Versace Bright Crystal', and before we were even dating he searched through my handbag to make sure he got the right one, what can i say he's great at wooing me :)

This is my favourite headband EVER..leopard print is my guilty pleasure and he treated me to this when we were in Gibralter...Oh and the camera..also a gift from my lovely, and i promise i will learn to use it properly one day ;)

A trip to the west midlands safari park were i fell in love with the new leopards they had, such beautiful animals, and my Davey spent ages finding me this, the only leopard in the gift shop.

This is my favourite winter scent, and although i don't ever remember mentioning to him it ended up in my christmas stocking...:D

My newest piece, a gorgeous swarovski mushroom charm (the pic does not do justice to just how many crystals are on this thing, and a bracelet to wear it with, i adore it and couldn't stop smiling. Its such a happy piece that i fall in love with every time i wear it.

And last but certainly not least, this, 'omgod i have to have this bag' bag, which he treated me to in Marbella, i adore Mango bags and this one is definately top of the list :)

So as you can see, i am treated like a princess.
I did this post to say how thankful i am to have him in my life, not because of the materialistic things, but because he knows me, i have no fear about us, we know each other inside out, i adore everything about him (ok the snoring and constant Call of Duty may not be counted in that) but he's my world.

So here's to Dave, and all the great boyfriends/husbands/Fiance's/girlfriends/lovers out there, our heart, soul and inspiration.

My Love.

K x

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