Sunday, 17 April 2011

What are mothers for...

Woohoo found it :) Found what i hear you ask? My Mojo, My inspiration, my creativity...IT'S BACK :D

Woke up to the glorious sun (and noise from the Chinese Grande Prix, but hey thats because i live with a boy) And took my beautiful JackyBoy to the woods with my mum and aformentioned boy. It was sooooo lovely, everyone was in a good mood, Jack didn't get attacked or growled at this time and it was nice spending time with my mum.

When i dropped her off she gave me all her knitting supplies as she hasn't found a pattern to inspire her lately so she's gone back to cross stitch.
OMG sooo much stuff, needles that i nearly bought several times and so much of this gorgeous deep red yarn that would look fantastis as a small throw in our lounge. I'm looking through this big bag of goodies and all these ideas are flowing, Yay :)

So at the moment i am attempting something with some amazing yarn i bought a few weeks ago for no other reason other than i LOVED the colour, super super excited to get started :)

Hope everyone is have a super weekend like me :D

Kimberley xx

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