Saturday, 16 April 2011

Searching for inspiration..

Hey everyone,

As you know its been a hard couple of days, but we've looked into everything and with A LOT of juggling everything should work out, it'll just mean major sacrifices to recover for a while.

So with that taken care of as much as it can be i decided to focus on crafting again, however my imagination has dissappeared and i have lost all my ideas :(

I've been trawling the internet for pretty things hoping to kick start my crafty side and found what i think are the coolest things since, well..EVER...

 You can get them here: Liberty Well i say that however they are all sold out, which for me is good because of lack of pennies :)
How pretty are they?? I showed them to my boyfriend and out off all the designs he said he knew these would be the ones i chose, ahhh he does listen to me when i drone on about pretty fabrics and designs :)

Well i'm going to go back and search for more pretty things and then hopefully i can make something of my own to make me smile :D Ooh and eat the  delish cupcakes my lovely boyfriend just made..Yummy :)

Btw i just want to thank everyone over the past few days who have given suport and advise, it was so lovely to know how many people were out there. THANK YOU :D

Kimberley xx

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